Owners Diary

The Owner’s Diary

A lot of people ask me, ‘Why a jazz club and how did you come up with it?’ My definition of ‘Jasper’s’ is not strictly a jazz club. It is also a cocktail bar, where people can come in and enjoy the atmosphere of the club, perhaps see a familiar face, whether it be the bartender or another patron and enjoy each others company mutually. When the live jazz is on, a space for people to dance and celebrate the energy of Jazz together.

When I was conceptualising Jasper’s, I stumbled upon a clip on Youtube (I attached a link below) and a higher power seems to have then compelled me to strive towards recreating that scenario. I’ve been thinking about it every since and am adamant for that special moment to come, which I hope for those reading this will be there to experience!

I thought about ‘Jasper’s’ about 3 years ago now, when I decided that I wanted to embark on a journey of business while still at Melbourne university doing my bachelor of music. What was originally going to be a small coffee shop with a touch of jazz, mainly for me to learn the in’s and out’s of business. The idea of conforming to strict regimes never appealed to me, in fact I recall one of my primary school teachers telling my parents that I was constantly ‘dreaming’ in class.

My thought process that led to me opening Jasper’s was bound by three core elements. The first was for me to create something that was genuinely mine, where the amalgamation of life experiences and things that I saw beauty in was put together into a tangible form for people to appreciate and enjoy. Hence, the interior was done by myself with the aid of Decibel Architecture. This, which leads to the second point, was for people to enjoy the space and leave their worries by the doorstep when they entered Jasper’s. It was a place for networking and meeting like minded people to commune and share ideas. We all have our stories and experiences that makes us all unique. I thought it was important for people to share them with others in a space that everyone can enjoy together. The third binding element was Art. A template and tribute to the artists who devoted their career and time to master their art. By Art I mean bartending and jazz specifically in regards to Jasper’s. I wanted people to appreciate the amount of work that is required to perform at such a high level to deliver someone happiness. My immense respect for these artists is the adhesive gel that is what created Jasper’s is today.

I’ve been very lucky to have met a lot of people dedicated to what they do, and to be willing to help Jasper’s achieve it’s maximum potential. I hope that many people appreciate what my team and I have achieved together thus far, 10 weeks to be exact, and to create a community together that truly marks what Melbourne is all about.

Stay tuned to see how this space evolves over time, and get a personal glimpse of how Jasper’s progress!